I’m Deena.

I like adventures, and bagels, and talking about my feelings.

My husband, Alex, a mainstay of this blog, is thankfully cool with it.

We created this website in 2013 to share our super-introverted wedding, in some small way, with those we love, and continued writing as a way to stay in touch with and share our daily lives with friends and loved ones that are primarily located on the east coast.

We’re here now to talk about our trials and triumphs, about trying to find that perfect slice of NY style pizza nearly 3,000 miles away from NY, and about how hard and hysterical it is to raise a bulldog breed. We’re here to talk about all of the feelings, ¬†grief, marriage, becoming better people, and navigating the ridges, and valleys, and summits of adulthood and parenthood (and all of their trappings) without taking ourselves too seriously, or forgetting that we’re all just faking it ’til we make it. We’re here to talk about climbing over mountains, and because we live in Washington, sometimes those mountains are even physical.

Thanks for coming with us on our journey. Glad to see you on our trail!

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