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October 6, 2014

No matter what, there will be weekends. We will hit the trails (and road) early, explore for the day at our desired destination, and return home in the evening to spend it with sore feet and smiles on our faces.

I’ll see the first signs of fall, think hot mulled cider with bourbon, and that I should take a picture of the changing colors, or the trees or something, and suddenly get hit with the realization that this is, indeed, adulthood.


I’ll never have a lack of work, or reading, or writing, or researching to do, and there never fails to be a moment in the midst of it all of where I stop and find myself thinking, “you’re going to wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.”

 A spare moment means I’m sure to check my email for updates about Em (the Boston Terrier puppy we are adding to our family in November), watch the latest video and see the latest pictures. Inevitably, I’ll end up shopping for more toys for her just out of sheer adoration.

Alex and I will meet for lunch, eat the most delicious thanksgiving-inspired sandwich from a food truck, and instantly decide that we’ll be recreating it for our own thanksgiving dinner this year because no sandwich has ever been more delicious.


And at the end of a perfectly average, manageable, good day, I’ll walk beside Alex down the city streets and feel, with great intensity, that these are the good times.

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