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We’re over 2Forts, and now Over Mountains

August 17, 2015

We created this blog in 2013 with one purpose: to share, in some small way, our wedding with those we love. We called it 2Forts as reference to our marriage, a reference to Alex’s favorite map, “2Fort,” on his then-favorite computer game, and also because the URL is only five characters long (how it wasn’t taken, we’ll never know), and apparently, according to Alex, this gets you some kind of website cred. The name was meant to represent a single moment in time, and that it did.

But here we are, still going, and things are different now.

“2Forts” doesn’t reflect our life, or say much about who we are, or allow for growth in our family unit. It doesn’t fit this space which has begun to accommodate topics outside of marriage, like stress, and dreams, and the struggle to train a tiny animal to stop peeing on the floor, and it doesn’t fit what we hope to include on this blog in the future. We want to tell stories about scrambling the thrilling and sometimes scary faces and ridges of city living, adulthood, marriage, and parenthood; about navigating the switch-backing (and slippery, and rocky, and steep) trails of depression, fear, and grief; and about reaching the summits of happiness, contentment, and love.

We’re doing more than just being married: we’re traveling over mountains. Sometimes those mountains will even look the way you’d expect:


We’ve changed our blog’s name and URL to something a bit more suited to us now.
Welcome to Over Mountains (overmountains.com). Glad to see you on our trail.

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