22 to 28 weeks of pregnancy in GIFs

June 3, 2016

Hi. I’m still gestating.

Baby is doing well, Alex is doing well, and so am I. Today I am 29 weeks pregnant, and feeling more confident each day about the journey that lies ahead. I really appreciate all of the love sent our way after the last post, and feel lucky to have such wonderful friends and family members who  take time to check in with us. These past few weeks have been sometimes fun, sometimes stressful, sometimes amusing, and sometimes annoying, but we’re having a good time at this point. Here are some GIFs to help explain what it has been like. 

When the synthyroid I was prescribed for my subclinical hypothyroidism and feelings of depression started to kick in

Going hiking with a friend

When I am walking at my normal pace for the first time in forever because I don’t have pelvic pain, but every person in Seattle is slower than Internet Explorer running on a 90s dial up connection

Packing for a move well into the second trimester

When I lie awake at night with reflux

Walking out of my 2 hour gestational diabetes test

Finding out that I passed

When someone gives me their unsolicited opinions on breast and formula feeding

When we hired an amazing doula for the birth

What I hear when someone asks me if I am going to breastfeed or formula feed

Buying furniture for the baby’s nursery

When the Teavana salesperson at Pacific Place tries to hand Alex and me a sample cup of red raspberry leaf tea

Getting my blood drawn at the GP when I got sick

When I got sent to the hospital because I actually did pass out

How I currently approach dealing with all medical professionals

Every night after I get into bed

The baby at 4 AM

Me at 4 AM

Lately, when I am getting ready to open the pizza box

When the midwife asks me to tell her my plans for birth, and for the baby after she is born

Getting in or out of a restaurant booth when the space between my belly and the table is becoming increasingly small

When someone asks for the millionth time what we are naming the baby, and I’m still not saying a word

Placing an order for a breast pump

When someone tells me that I only think I am tired (after having just four hours of total sleep in two days), and only when the baby comes will l know for sure what tired really is

When someone asks me what it’s like to know that I’m going to give birth, and that I’ll have a daughter

How I feel about the next 11ish weeks

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