Kaia is 9 months old!

June 20, 2017

I’ve been trying to deny the reality of this situation: our little newborn baby is just a few months away from toddlerhood. She is in her last single digit month, and there is something about it that is exceptionally bittersweet.  Of course, I’m excited to see what the world has in store for her in the future, but I’m sad that I’ll never get to see her just as she is right now ever again. I think I have to find a way to stop blinking because she is changing so fast, and growing up at lightning speed.

But, as always, I feel like we’re in a really good place 9 months in. We’re having a lot of fun. Alex and I are feeling more confident (the person who isn’t driving actually sits in the passengers seat now rather than in the backseat with Kaia), and Kaia is in this sweet spot where she is able to move herself around and crawl, but she can’t actually walk, bolt into the street, or scale the shelves of the refrigerator. We get all the perks of having a mobile baby, but none of the anxiety that comes along with having a child that can run away from you. I’m pretty sure this level of mobility is all I can handle without living in a state of full-blown panic! In the next few months I’m either going to need to be medicated, find a way to baby proof hardwood floors, buy her a padded suit, or have her live inside of a bubble.

Kaia has now been outside of my body for about as long as she was inside of it, and I can only vaguely remember life without her. I know that I had fun when I was childless, but having a child and watching her grow, and learn, and laugh, and smile — I’m having more fun these days than I think I ever did. I know without a doubt that I am happier. I’m certain that there is nothing better in life than the way she smiles when I look at her, how she crawls over to me just to sit on me, her little arms stretching up when I go to lift her, and how she looks at me when she is unsure of something or thinks something is fun.

These are the days. Life is good with our not-so-little 9 month old.

Kaia at a glance:

  • Fits into 9m and 12m clothes, depending on the brand.
  • Is pretty tall — around 30 inches! She’s definitely related to us.
  • Has 2 teeth with another two (possibly 3) on the way!
  • Expresses herself more and more. When she’s upset or frustrated, she’ll throw her head back in protest. When she is happy or excited, she’ll bounce up and down.
  • Often stands supported using one hand, or using her elbows while she is holding a toy.
  • Stood unsupported for a second or two.
  • Takes a step or two while holding on to furniture or our legs.
  • Can now stand in her Zipadee-Zip.
  • Imitates sounds.
  • Is becoming more and more interested in eating solid foods, but still doesn’t really like chunks of food if she is being spoon-fed.
  • Developed a pincher grasp and can now pick up lint from the floor and food from her high chair tray with no problem at all.
  • Is visibly excited when she sees food coming.
  • Explores things using one or two fingers.
  • Fascinated with the cat’s ears.
  • Thinks it’s hysterical when the dog jumps around in in circles.
  • Hates her carseat 75% of the time.
  • Loves to turn the pages of her board books.
  • Needs a toy to play with while being changed.
  • Really doesn’t enjoy having her face wiped.
  • Her favorite books are “Is Your Mama a Llama?” and anything by Todd Parr (she loves to look at the pictures).
  • Her favorite toys are stacking cups (which she mostly just chews on), and shape sorters.
  • Loves when I sing
  • Smiles at everyone who looks at her.
  • Responds to her name.

I’m not sure what the next month holds, and I can barely fathom how different she will be a few weeks from now, but I’m soaking her up in this moment, enjoying her little personality, and in awe at how far she has come.

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