My 21st week of Pregnancy In GIFs

April 13, 2016

On my way to the anatomy scan.

Finding out that baby Fort is still doing well, and there is no evidence of scary stuff like placenta previa.

When an employee at Whole Foods comes up to me and asks “ma’am, are you trying to shoplift a basketball?”

When someone who is also due in August  tells me that they are working on their birth plan.

When my family members ask me how I’m doing.

When my friends ask how I’m really doing.

When I read about what it’s like to have a C-Section.

When someone says that a C-Section isn’t “real delivery.”

When someone randomly starts telling me their birth story.

When that birth story happens to contain bragging about an unmedicated vaginal delivery, and how they felt no pain.

When my midwife asks me about my exact plans about raising a child who will not be born for another four months.

When someone tells me that eating one grilled cheese sandwich/whatever else I crave isn’t good for me or the baby.

When I think about the gestational diabetes diagnostic test I scheduled for next month.

When I meet a new mom who shares my views on pregnancy and birth.

When I try to walk with pelvic pain.

When I think about the next 19 weeks.

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